Mobile Forensics

Our forensic services for cell phones, tablets, and other mobile devices are broken into three levels. Each level has a flat rate charge: Level A $200, Level B $700, and Level C $1500. Level A and Level B costs are per device. The Level C cost of $1500 is for the first device, each additional device has a $900 flat charge. If a client opts for a lower level and later determines that a higher level is needed, the additional work can be performed at only the difference in cost between the levels. For instance, if a client chose Level A and then decided to upgrade to Level B, the additional cost required would be $500 per device.

Our experts can extract data from almost any device. We can recover data from phones that no longer turn on, have been smashed, and anywhere in between. How much data is recoverable depends on the particular model and level of damage, or any failure of the device. The flat rate costs assume the device is functioning properly. Additional costs for damaged devices may apply and usually fall in the $300 to $2000 range. The client will be apprised of any such required costs prior to the work being executed. The flat rates don't include future consultation or testimony which, is charged at our standard rates.

Level A is the Data Recovery Level. If we are unable to recover data from your particular device with Level A, there is no charge. This level recovers most common data on mobile devices, such as text messages, pictures, call logs, etc. This level is appropriate for general users who need to recover accidentally deleted pictures, old text messages, and things of that nature. Level A is not recommended for producing data to be used in legal matters. For a more complete depiction of what each level can do, please see the chart below.

Level B is the Electronic Discovery Level. In addition to the recovered data in Level A, Level B can recover data from many 3rd Party Apps, such as Kik, Skype, AIM, etc. Level B can also recover internet browsing history. Detailed reports about all the data extracted from the phone are provided. These reports include metadata, such as dates and times pictures were taken, dates and times text messages were sent or received, the GPS location of the device at different times, etc. A comprehensive timeline of events that occurred on the phone is provided.

Level C is the Forensic Analysis Level. In addition to everything provided in Level A and Level B, Level C includes deeper examination of the raw data. Advanced SMS recovery is performed which, typically recovers hundreds of additional text messages. Data Relation Analysis and other proprietary tasks are performed. An expert conclusion is formed after a thorough and detailed examination of all data. A formal and professionally written report of the expert's findings are provided.

Level A
Data Recovery
Level B
Electronic Discovery
Level C
Forensic Analysis
Security / Lock Code Bypassing x x x
Advanced Security / Lock Code Bypassing
x x
Recovery of Text Message x x x
Recovery of Pictures x x x
Recovery of Audio x x x
Recovery of Video x x x
Recovery of Calendar Entries x x x
Recovery of Documents x x x
Recovery of Call History x x x
Recovery of Contacts x x x
Recovery of Files from Memory Card x x x
Recovery of Email
x x
Recovery from 3rd Party Apps: Kik, Skype, AIM, etc.
x x
Recovery of Internet Browsing History
x x
Report on all Recovered Data with Metadata (date/time, author, GPS location, etc.)
x x
Report on Timeline of Events
x x
Advanced SMS Recovery

Data Relation Analysis

Holmes Digital Investigation Proprietary Analysis

Professional Report of Expert's Findings