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Investigator Begins Work into Yellowstone County Hacking

Yellowstone County Commissioner Jim Reno said the county has hired James Andrew Holmes, a digital forensic examiner with AtaDatA, a company specializing in data recovery and among three recommended by state officials. 
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Yellowstone County Investigation Finds Numerous Hacking Intrusions

"It was determined that no personal information was gathered by the hackers responsible for these two attacks; however, critical personal information stored on this server was vulnerable," Holmes said...
The July 12 attack, which lasted from 7:23 a.m. to 8:02 a.m., targeted a server with numerous databases, the report said. A large amount of information from one of the databases was transferred but the information was already public record, the report said.
The July 13 attack ran from 5:12 a.m. to 5:28 a.m. The analysis found that the potential to get personal information existed, but that the attack stopped before that information was transferred.
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